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10 Seasonal Animations you won’t want to miss!

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There’s one more sleep to go – as those who measure time in units of unconsciousness say – until Christmas day! Whatever you celebrate this holiday season, we at Skwigly hope it fulfils the requisite amounts of hollyness and/or jollyness. To help cultivate some seasonal atmos, here is a smattering of this year’s brilliant animated shorts, cards and messages from the ever-inspiring animation community we love the year round.

As commemorated by their fantastic Skwigly Advent contribution, Blue Zoo have followed up on their spectacular 2014 short Daddy Christmas with another pearler in this year’s More Stuff. This all-singing, all-dancing film has it all – music, joyful consumerism and, best of all, bare-assed elves.

Flip your devices to portrait mode and bask in some of jolly old St. Nick’s sweet moves in Santa Dance Off! from those fine folks at Beakus.

As far as corporate commissions go, Mikey Please and Dan Ojari of Parabella Studios have already demonstrated fantastic artistic ingenuity this year with such work as Twinings’ Drink It All In. Similarly their seasonal spot for the Belgian National Lottery feels more like a work of independent film than a commissioned brief and is just as much a joy to watch.

The spot-on timing of Birdbox meets the design style of Animade in The Missing Scarf director Eoin Duffy‘s wonderfully dark, short’n’sweet Happy Holidays, deftly animated by Henrique Barone.

Continuing an established tradition Jonti Picking (AKA Weebl) and co. have been whipping out a series of typically quirky animated micro-shorts in the lead-up to Christmas day. Head over to the Weebl’s Stuff channel and get caught up!

Robert Grieves, Skwigly contributor and director of Sausage, has his own frenetic seasonal greeting combining character animation and mograph in Merry Christmas from me…

Amsterdam-based Veronyka Jelinek‘s One Tough Cookie is a brilliantly-conceived culinary zoetrope and cookie cannibalism celebration!

Dan Edgley has whipped up an impressive micro-fairytale in the form of the family-friendly Tag, in which a lost present searches for its companion.

Grandma’s not having the best day. CG slapstick and brilliant comedic pacing abound in Mathew Rees and Andrew Lavery’s Remote!

And to round things off on a suitably positive note, another piece previewed in our advent calendar is Louis Hudson of Dice Production‘s motivational Slimmer of the Year.

What other seasonal animations have you caught this year? Do you have any of your own? Share in the comments below!

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