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100 Of The Most Beautiful Shots in Animation: Part 1

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Let’s not kid ourselves here – animation is beautiful. From 2D, to 3D, to stop-motion and even a little bit of VFX in there as well. Traditional and digital, Eastern and Western, fiction and non-fiction – animation has no limits. Sometimes it is fun to just sit back and appreciate the beauty that these talented artists create. Between composition and layout, colour, cinematography, lighting and staging there is just so much going on in the following images and each of them is beautiful in their own way. You may not like all the films listed and we’re not saying that they’re automatically good but hopefully you’ll be able to appreciate the time and effort that has clearly gone into creating these images and be able to praise them for putting that time and effort rather than dumbing down what is already considered by many to be just a genre for silly, goofy moments rather than interesting and gorgeous art. We had to limit it to one shot per film (because for some of these literally any random shot could go in this list) so we’ve had to think long and hard about this. So let us enjoy some of the most wonderful animation shots around!

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