Watch: Aidan McAteer’s ‘Deadly’ released online

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Watch: Aidan McAteer’s ‘Deadly’ released online

Today sees the online premiere of Deadly by Irish director Aidan McAteer. On top of his TV credits that span major animated preschool series such as Peppa Pig, My Little Pony, Boj, The Secret Show and Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom. , Aidan’s work as an independent director began with the DepicT!-winning Gentleman’s Guide to Villainy in 2010.

In Deadly Aidan tells the story of Boney (voiced by Love/Hate star Peter Coonan), who drifts through his dreary job as a grim-reaper until the day he encounters the lively Birdie (Brenda Fricker). Produced by Shannon George for Kavaleer Productions and funded through the assistance of Ireland’s Frameworks Animated Short Film Scheme, the multi-award-winning film has screened internationally at 50+ festivals including Encounters, LIAF, ITFS Stuttgart, Anima and as part of the Skwigly Showcase at the inaugural Manchester Animation Festival.

Narratively and visually, Deadly weaves together its two strands of tragedy and comedy. As the relationship between the characters develops, there are moments of warm humour and heartfelt emotion. This film is about death and this film is about life, but it is also a film about friendship.

-Aidan McAteer (director/writer, Deadly)

The film, released online today for St. Patrick’s Day, can be watched in full below:

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