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An Interview with E.G Daily – Rugrats Voice Artist

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Keith briefly talks with famous cartoon voice actress and talented pop star E.G. Daily about her past achievements and projects to come.

I kiss the children goodnight and tell them I have to go and talk to Tommy Pickles from the Rugrats (yeah right they think, that one’s up there with ‘There is a tooth fairy’ and ‘you can’t have a puppy, it’s the law’). Sure enough though before they have time to say ‘is that all I get for pocket money’, I am discussing the glittering career of E.G. Daily; for 14 years the voice of Tommy Pickles. Someone who would give Leonardo Da Vinci a run for his money in the overachievers stakes, E.G. Daily is a pop star with a US number one record, a composer, an actress and the voice of the beloved Tommy, Babe in Pig in the City and characters in the Powerpuff Girls, Duckman, Problem Child etc, etc, etc. How she finds time to fit all this in puts mere mortals to shame. Just for good measure, she adds the icing of being a mother of two small children (aha, Leonardo Da Vinci, beat that!).

Tommy Pickles has been very good to E.G. Daily and after twelve series and two feature films she is pretty fond of him. He does also ‘pay the bills’, which must be the most lucrative form of child labour since the Attila The Hun nursery days. E.G. Daily, despite the very ‘mixed’ reviews, was pleased with ‘Babe: Pig in the City’; although on seeing the script did wonder if it was a little too dark. Yep, it was and it still gives me the odd nightmare, it’s as though the PG Tips chimps were on a diet of hash cakes for most of the film. Her voiceover work can be very quickly completed she tells me and curiously she sometimes doesn’t see the whole of the script. As an animation writer this is not what I want to hear.

E.G. Daily’s latest feature film as an actress is called ‘Devils Reject’. Probably not a film that Tommy Pickles could toddle into. She is also producing a stage musical in which she voices 26 parts. When I venture that the culmination of her work would be for her to pen an animated musical feature she kindly pretends that she hasn’t thought of this, secretly I guess that it is already pre-production. Apparently her two daughters often bring up Tommy Pickles at show and tell at school, there are dozens of other successes to chose from, come on EG Daily, let the other mothers get a look in!

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