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Anima 2018, the Brussels Animation Film Festival, Passes on Sale & More Events Announced

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From February 9 to 18, ANIMA resume neighborhoods in Flagey for you to fill their peepers. During 10 days, you can discover the best of the world production of entertainment in the past year.

The selection of short films in national and international competition is already online here.
The complete festival program will be announced in mid-January, but as every year, there will be something for everyone and all ages.

Book Your Pass

Younger will again be spoiled during the Carnival week off with a dedicated programming and many activities including the famous animation workshops for 5 to 12 years organized every afternoon. These workshops offer a unique opportunity to get to the other side of the camera and understand how meticulous manufacture of their favorite movies.

Teens from 12 to 16 years may enjoy taking part in a course of 5 days in English, orchestrated by Maya Yonesho, a Japanese animation director and whose goal is to achieve, together, a movie animation shot in Brussels and hosted in Flagey. The course of 5 days costs 110 euros and includes a passport to the festival. Registration for courses are available: Full details here

In addition, all festival-goers will have the opportunity to see a variation of the exhibition event dedicated to Vincent Loving currently a hit in the Netherlands. She will present a selection of paintings made for the feature film LOVING VINCENT (PASSION VAN GOGH), a crazy challenge brilliantly met by Polish artists from around the world who have painted frame by frame in the style of the famous painter. The result – amazing – was hailed by critics and numerous awards. Piotr Dominiak, one of the painters who worked on the film, will attend the festival as part of the exhibition and will perform in the presence of visitors, animated images from the paintings of Van Gogh, illustrating in Direct the creative process of this work completely new.

ANIMA begins on February 9, but not to forget anything of this visual feast, it is already possible to opt for a pass phrase that you can book through any of the links below. All packages include access to all sessions except the masterclass and nightlife opening and closing.

The general public: The public can opt for a passport festival to 70 euros.
The pros: The professionals have access to a ” professional accreditation ” and costs 40 euros.
Students: For students animation in the preferential tariff is 35 euros.
The Press: Press accreditations are for their written request delivered via .

Individual tickets and Minipass will be on sale from February 18, 2018 at Flagey and festival site.

Cowboys and Indians Premiere

ANIMA 2018 will be hosting the exceptional premiere of Fabrice du Welz’s documentary about Vincent Patar and Stéphane AubierDES COWBOYS ET DES INDIENS, LE CINEMA DE PATAR ET AUBIER.

With screenwriting friend Luc Jabon, Fabrice du Welz, who is himself a filmmaker with a unique style, has chosen to spotlight the duo Patar and Aubier, who he considers as a couple of deeply Dada, punky, sincere, fierce yet tender heroes!

From Cowboy to Celestine, Patar and Aubier’s work demonstrates great narrative qualities and a constant search for new animation techniques. But where does this all come from? This is the question du Welz have tried to answer through their documentary which traces the career of this creative duo and the myriad of personalities surrounding them making up a united collective all working towards a common idea of selfless and decidedly political incorrect creation. The film is a portrait of a wonderful story of a 30-year friendship that witnesses an incredible era in Belgian cinema.

The documentary includes interviews with Bertrand Boudaud, Didier Brunner, Steven De Beul, Emmanuel Demeulemeester, Bruce Ellison, Benoit Feroumont, Noel Godin, Christine Grulois, Anne-Laure Guegan, Sergio Honorez, Frederic Jannin, Philippe Kauffmann, Jacky Lambert, François Liénard, Alain Lorfèvre, Christelle Mahy, Guillaume Malandrin, Philippe Malempré, Benoit Marcandella, Philippe Moins, Alain Mouffe, Eric Muller, Daniel Pennac, Guy Pirotte, Franco Piscopo, Bernard Plouvier, Jean-Claude Servais, Jean-Philippe Stassen, Vincent Tavier, Ben Tesseur, David Vandermeulen and Didier Vaneesbeck.

The screening is organized in collaboration with the Cinémathèque de la Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles as part of the 7th Cinéastes d’aujourd’hui” and Panique!.

It will be followed by a party, open to all, with a DJ set with Vincent Tavier and Jacky Lambert ! Latest Offers from dealslands.

Juniors Corner

Once again, Flagey’s epicentre will be changing into a little paradise for the kids during the carnival vacation with entertainment (in collaboration with Ouftivi), makeup stands and the much talked about ANIMA pancakes!

The little ones are going to be spoilt yet again during this holiday period with a great programme dedicated to a number of activities including animation workshops for the 5 to 12 year-olds organized every afternoon. These workshops are the perfect opportunity to cross over to the other side of the camera and find out how their favourite films are made. This is certainly a magical experience and something they will remember for years to come! The animation workshops take place every afternoon at three different time slots. They are completely free but reservation is required beforehand.

Teens from 12 to 16 will be able to take part in a 5-day workshop, in English, hosted by Japanese animation filmmaker Maya Yonesho. The goal of the project will be to make an animated film together on the topic of Belgian specialities, shot around Brussels and edited at Flagey.

The Festival is also organizing screenings specifically reserved for a young audience: repeats of the year’s best films, along with a number of new films and sneak peeks.

School screenings: before the Festival, Anima is presenting 3 screening sessions exclusively reserved to schools from the 7th to 9th February, at 10:00 am.

“Animatins”: These are Anima 2018 screenings that will take place at 10:00 am, at Flagey. They are open to the whole family along with attractive rates to play groups and associations.

The 37th Anima Festivak is set to take place at Flagey and Cinematek from 9th to 18th February 2018.

Price: free / Age: 5-12 years / Date: organized every afternoon at three different time slots
Reservations via the “Kids” page on the Festival website

Price: 110€, Festival passport included / Age: min. from 12 to 16 yrs
Date: Monday to Friday, from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm
Prerequisites: enjoy drawing and a basic comprehension of English
More information: 02 502 70 11 or
Reservations via the “Kids” page on the Festival website

Date: every day of the Festival at 10:00 am / Location: Flagey / Price: between 6 and 8 €
For groups of 10 children, the price is 4 € per child. The accompanying person does not pay (unless there is more than one accompanying person for 10 children, then this person will also pay 4 €).
Reservations via the “Kids” page on the Festival website

Date: 7th, 8th, 9th February 2018 at 10: am / Location: Flagey / Price: 4€ per child. The accompanying person does not pay (unless there is more than one accompanying person for 10 children, then this person will also pay 4 €). Reservations

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