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On the 10th March, Animation UK’s Oli Hyatt gave a speech at the Children’s Media Conference Animation Exchange event in Westminster. For those who haven’t come across Animation UK before, it’s mission is to “campaign for fairer trading conditions for UK animation producers, and to help protect or increase the production and ownership of IP that is of such value to the UK.”

Animation UK is changing and needs your help and ideas. You may or may not know the history of Animation UK, but as it celebrates its 8th birthday, you should know it has been run for all this time, on goodwill. Goodwill is great, but it doesn’t buy us the clout to drive our industry forward. In fact, it doesn’t even buy us the right to have a say, as we’re not a proper trade body that can provide the support we need and deserve for our industry.

Why now? What would it be? When’s it going to happen?

To answer the above, Oli has produced the letter – which can be downloaded here – that outlines proposals that they believe can take Animation UK and the industry to the next level, forming an official trade body with proper governance and with an agreed remit. Some themes they are looking to address include, but are not limited to, incentives for producing in the UK, support for development and IP (including export), education and skills (apprenticeships), and cultural funding of animation. They are looking for your input on this so don’t miss YOUR CHANCE TO HAVE A SAY.

Download the Animation UK letter and have your say…

The letter includes reference to an independent report entitled “A Review of Policies Affecting Development Funding of Independent British Animated Children’s TV Series”  produced by Lindsay Watson (founder of Animated Women UK) on some of the current issues affecting us, as well as her suggested solutions!

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