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Ben Mitchell

Ben Mitchell is a Bristol-based animation/post-production freelancer, independent director, composer and graphic novelist.
As a freelancer he has produced animation work for CBeebies, Channel 4, Plymptoons, Somethin' Else, Wonky Films, A Productions, Moving Productions, New Impulse Media and Happy Hour to name a few.
As an independent director he has produced three multi-award-winning short animated films - "House Guest", "Ground Running" and "The Naughty List" - which have been showcased at over ninety international film and animation festivals including ITFS Stuttgart, Clermont-Ferrand, Encounters, Monterrey International Film Festival, I Castelli Animati and Anima Mundi. He is presently working on his fourth short, "Bullies", and recently released his first original graphic novel "Throat".

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Articles by Ben Mitchell...

  • “Morph” Reborn!
  • Glen Keane debuts ‘Duet’!
  • Bill Plympton’s CHEATIN’ – Review

    Bill Plympton’s CHEATIN’ – Review

    A true festival highlight for this year’s Annecy-goers was the opportunity to see Bill Plympton‘s much-anticipated feature film Cheatin’ (or, in France, Les Amants Electriques) on the big screen. The film is his sixth independtly-produced, full-lenth movie of the last …

  • Q&A with ‘Ab Ovo’ director Anita Kwiatkowska-Naqvi

    Q&A with ‘Ab Ovo’ director Anita Kwiatkowska-Naqvi

    Cracow-born Anita Kwiatkowska-Naqvi is a recent graduate of the Polish National Film, Television and Theatre School in Łódź. Having directed two prior shorts Protozoa (2010) and Carnalis (2012), her 2013 graduation film Ab Ovo has fared especially well, winning awards …

  • Annecy 2014 – Special Events

    Annecy 2014 – Special Events

    It’s truly hard to believe it’s been a year since our last jaunt to Annecy, a town that seems almost frozen in time, curled up around the crystal clear lake and baking under the hot sun. In fact, ‘baking’ might …

  • Annecy 2014 – Short Film Highlights

    Annecy 2014 – Short Film Highlights

    In contemplation of a nude painting of himself in a now-archaic Simpsons episode, notorious corporate sociopath Mr. Burns paraphrases the famous line when he concedes “I may not know art, but I know what I hate…and I don’t hate this.”…

  • Annecy 2014 Winners

    Annecy 2014 Winners

    Last night the remaining winners for Annecy 2014 were revealed. Have a look at the full list below and let us know what you think of the films that made the cut:

    Cristal for a Feature Film
    The Boy and …

  • First Prizes Awarded for Annecy 2014

    First Prizes Awarded for Annecy 2014

    Last night the winners of the first round of prizes for Annecy 2014 were revealed, with wins for France, Great Britain, Denmark, Japan, Switzerland and Canada.

    Through The Hawthorn (Anna Benner/Pia Bord/Gemma Burditt, Likely Story, UK) – Festival Connexions Award…

  • Producing Animation: Marcel Jean

    Producing Animation: Marcel Jean

    Marcel Jean is a Canadian director, producer, writer and film historian who in recent years has taken on the role of Artistic Director of the Annecy International Animation Film Festival. His knowledge and devotion to animation has led to a …

  • NFB’s Hothouse 10: Call For Entries
  • Lightbox: Torill Kove, director of “The Danish Poet” and “Me and My Moulton”

    Lightbox: Torill Kove, director of “The Danish Poet” and “Me and My Moulton”

    In the latest episode of our video series Lightbox, Montreal-based Norwegian NFB director Torill Kove discusses her career and short film work, including the Oscar-nominated My Grandmother Ironed the King’s Shirts, the Oscar-winning The Danish Poet and her brand new …

  • Lightbox: Theodore Ushev

    Lightbox: Theodore Ushev

    In the latest episode of our new video series Lightbox, Montreal-based Bulgarian NFB director Theodore Ushev discusses his highly-acclaimed 20th Century Trilogy of short films: Tower Bawher, Drux Flux and Gloria Victoria. Ushev also elaborates on his 2013 installation piece …

  • Lightbox: Joanna Quinn

    Lightbox: Joanna Quinn

    In the second episode of our new video series Lightbox, Joanna Quinn takes us behind the scenes of her latest Beryl animation – the trailer for the Bradford Animation Festival‘s 20th anniversary.

    The trailer stars Beryl (Girls Night Out, Body …

  • Launching ‘Lightbox’!

    Launching ‘Lightbox’!

    This week sees the launch of Skwigly’s latest content strand which can be viewed (and subscribed to) on our official YouTube Channel. While many of you Skwigly readers are probably aware of our video content, we’ll be complementing our existing …

  • Skwigly Banner – May 2014: Sophie Klevenow

    Skwigly Banner – May 2014: Sophie Klevenow

    Hailing from Germany, Bristol-based Sophie Klevenow has been creatively proactive since the early 2000s. With a background in design, art, puppetry and theatre, Sophie ventured into animation with her student shorts Discount Ticket (Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, 2006) and the award-winning Noesis …

  • Norman McLaren: The Master’s Edition

    Norman McLaren: The Master’s Edition

    With the great Norman McLaren’s 100th ‘birthday’ having passed last week, centenary celebrations have already begun in Canada and Scotland and are set to carry on throughout the summer. While there are a multitude of screenings, installations, apps, documentaries and …

  • Q&A with Emmanuelle Loslier

    Q&A with Emmanuelle Loslier

    A promising recent addition to Quebec’s animation community, Emmanuelle Loslier first ventured into the visual arts while studying at Concordia University. Expanding on her body of work as both a traditional painter and digital illustrator she began working on animated …

  • Producing Animation: Michael Fukushima

    Producing Animation: Michael Fukushima

    Toward the end of 2013, following a long stint as an animation producer, Sheridan graduate Michael Fukushima took on the role of Executive Producer for the National Film Board of Canada‘s English-speaking animation studio. Since his role as producer began …

  • Skwigly Meet the BAA 2014 Finalists

    Skwigly Meet the BAA 2014 Finalists

    Following on from our earlier coverage of the 2014 British Animation Awards finalists, awards and award-winners, we at Skwigly are pleased to present our latest video exclusive in which we talk with some of the outstanding finalists.

    The video includes …

  • NFB Launches ‘StopMo Studio’ iPad App

    NFB Launches ‘StopMo Studio’ iPad App

    The National Film Board of Canada has launched its latest iPad app, StopMo Studio. Expanding and improving on their 2011 Pix Stop app, this latest incarnation incorporates an intuitive workspace, over twenty functionalities and improved options for importing visuals, frame …

  • Retro Ranting – Little Shop

    Retro Ranting – Little Shop

    When I began this sporadic series of nostalgia pieces last year, it was with the expectation that I’d be knocking them out on a far more regular basis. As it happens there are a fair few in the chamber, but …

  • Skwigly Banner – February 2014: Rumpus

    Skwigly Banner – February 2014: Rumpus

    Rumpus Animation is a studio not to be trifled with. While on the surface their output seems to consist of innocuous cartoon whimsy, producing work for the likes of Virgin Media, CBBC as well as an interactive app in the …

  • Don Hertzfeldt’s “The End of the World” – Book Review

    Don Hertzfeldt’s “The End of the World” – Book Review

    The End of the World
    Author: Don Hertzfeldt
    Publisher: Antibookclub

    I’d like to be able to say that my propensity toward rampant, unquestioning consumerism has died down over the years; That impulse to buy an item on description alone, before …

  • 2014 BAFTA Nominations Announced

    2014 BAFTA Nominations Announced

    The full list of 2014 BAFTA nominees were revealed this morning, with the winners in each category to be announced Sunday 16th February.

    With no real surprises in the animated feature film category – Disney’s Frozen, Pixar’s Monsters University and …

  • Skwigly Banner – January 2014: Erika Lewis

    Skwigly Banner – January 2014: Erika Lewis

    Erika Lewis is an animator and illustrator presently based in Cambridge. Having recently graduated from Anglia Ruskin with a degree in animation she is presently in the beginnings of her career as an animation freelancer.

    Erika Lewis on Tumblr
    Erika …