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Corrie Francis Parks

Corrie Francis Parks


Corrie Francis Parks is an animator specializing in sand animation and other esoteric techniques. Her work maintains an organic connection to natural materials and traditional production methods while fully integrating digital technology. She has shown her award-winning animated shorts on every continent except Antarctica and looks forward to the day when she can count penguins among her biggest fans.

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Jonathan Garvey
Won this wonderful isle of dogs book at @skwigly quiz at @mcranimation thanks to @S_Messinger1 for have a lesson on…
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Tied for 2nd place in the Skwigly Quiz. #skwiz #MAF2018
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MAF 🐝 #MAF2018 🐝
Errrr wow, the @skwigly quiz does not play around!!! πŸ˜‚ #MAF2018 #Skwiz #YaWotM8
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