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Jess Gurr

Jess Gurr


Jess is a writer and illustrator based in the city of Bristol in the UK. My main weapons are pencils and pens, pens and pencils.

She likes to create shiny, pretty things in the form of illustrations, in particular, character design, concept art, and print & design work. She also enjoys crafting interesting wordy bits, writing copy for print and web, and editorial pieces, articles & reviews.

Her artwork tends to have an emphasis on mixing hand-drawn and digital elements, and she is hugely influenced by Japanese culture in her personal work.

Articles by Jess...

Jonathan Garvey
Won this wonderful isle of dogs book at @skwigly quiz at @mcranimation thanks to @S_Messinger1 for have a lesson on…
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Tied for 2nd place in the Skwigly Quiz. #skwiz #MAF2018
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MAF 🐝 #MAF2018 🐝
Errrr wow, the @skwigly quiz does not play around!!! πŸ˜‚ #MAF2018 #Skwiz #YaWotM8
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