Bananaman Movie planned for 2015

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Bananaman Movie planned for 2015

It’s been a frantic day of movie release announcement. As well as the news of an Incredibles sequel and another Cars sequel, comes the announcement that Britain’s fruitiest Superhero, Bananaman will possibly be coming to a multiplex near you in 2015. Yup, as if 2015 couldn’t get exciting enough, now we’ll be paying a visit to 22 Acacia Avenue.

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For the youngsters among you, Bananaman tells the story of wimpy Eric Twinge who, upon ingesting said fruit, turns into the mighty Bananaman to take on a rogue’s gallery of evil, fruit-related, villains like General Blight and Apple Man. DC Thomson, who have been producing the Bananaman comic-strip in Nutty and then The Dandy and Beano since the early 80s are producing the film, but at the moment there is little known about the mysterious production – even if it will be animated or live action, other than what appears on the new website  at

Most of us who were around in the mid-80’s will be familiar with the classic BBC tea-time cartoon, starring the cast of The Goodies. I don’t really know how I feel about this, but it is early days so I’m saving my praise / vitriol for the first trailer. What with this, the Peanuts movie, and Paddington appearing in the next 12 months you may be excused for thinking you’ve bumped your head and woken in the 80s. I for one will be keeping my eyes “peeled” for this.


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  • Nile Plumb

    In this age of superhero movies and such a great and random one as bananaman, is it time to dust of The Tick? 😀

    • Steve Henderson

      I LOVED the Tick live action series!