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Blinkink duo The Layzell Bros animate title sequence for Sarah Silverman’s “I Love You, America”

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Blink Industries, the entertainment division of London-based production hub Blink Productions, have produced the animated title sequence for Sarah Silverman‘s latest TV show I Love You, America. The animation talents of Blinkink duo The Layzell Bros were drawn upon to create an offbeat and anarchic sequence in which “a giant belligerent baby stomp[s] across the ‘United’ States leaving havoc in its wake”. You can watch the sequence in full below:

The baby is made up of millions of hopes, dreams and aspirations – and although big and powerful, it is, like us, learning and growing. As it angrily searches for its heart, it leaves a big mess in its wake. Ultimately when the people come together to love and nurture it, the heart is returned and all is well for another day.

-Paul Layzell

Silverman, whose body of work includes voicing characters for various animated series and the features Wreck-It Ralph and Bill Plympton‘s Hair High, approached the duo about getting involved in her latest project after seeing their work for Adam Buxton’s comedic music video Livin in the Sunlight, Lovin in the Moonlight.

I Love You, America, created for and streaming on the Hulu network, sees the actor and comedian known for her progressive political ideologies travel across America “in an earnest attempt to find what connects people in a country that’s so divided”.

For more on the work of Blinkink visit

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Max Mörtl
If want to know more about our short ISLAND...listen to this. Thanks for the interview!
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Bertram Fiddle - Leading Victorian Explorator
@acornfriend @skwigly does a pretty good job. they are only smallish, but it's all from the heart
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