A Look Inside Cartoon Saloon’s Brian Ború Exhibition

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A Look Inside Cartoon Saloon’s Brian Ború Exhibition

In the Long Room at Trinity College Dublin is a new exhibition to commemorate the millennial anniversary of the battle of Clontarf and the Emperor of the Irish, Brian Ború. Some of you may have heard of the Book of Kells, housed a floor below, from the Academy Award nominated film The Secret of Kells by Cartoon Saloon and thus appreciate that it is Cartoon Saloon who have helped to tell the story of Brian Ború through a series of illustrations in this exhibition.

The illustrations are hung on banners, moving down the room in a timeline, facing their written counterparts on the opposite side of the Library. Drawn in Tom Moore’s graphic style and rendered in vibrant colour, the graphics vividly bring to life the drama and emotion of Brian’s story; his uniting of the Irish people and the epic struggle to rid Ireland of the Viking settlers, making this exhibition so much more than just another dry old history.

In the centre of the room runs a long exhibition case holding many Irish treasures; the Book of Leinster, the Brian Ború harp and a 9th-century decorated manuscript known as the Book of Armagh – the only item known to have been in Brian’s presence. The exhibition runs until October this year, so if you’re in Dublin at all, taking a look is highly recommended!

Cartoon Saloon is of course a hot topic right now as they have just released a trailer for their new film, Song of the Sea; another beautiful-looking feature on an Irish theme. Please watch and enjoy the trailer here!

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