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UK’s Animation Industry Will Make A Break For It

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Wallace & Gromit: The Wrong Trousers by Aardman

The UK government has decided not to introduce tax breaks for the domestic animation industry despite countries such as Ireland, Germany, France and Canada benefiting from subsidies and tax grants.

The UK has brought us quintessential British shows such as Wallace & Gromit, Bob the Builder and Thomas the Tank Engine, but there are fears that its animation industry will go off the rails due to the lack of support from the regional and national government.

Animation in the country will struggle to compete with the global market while it is not on a level playing field with other countries. Britain’s world famous Aardman’s animation studios have been forced to move production work overseas to enjoy essential subsidies and prevent their talent base being attracted by lucrative opportunities abroad. More than 75% of the UK’s animation studios have either done the same or considered shifting overseas as an option.

Taking into account UK’s depressing economic position, it seems the entertainment industry is not a priority for its government at the moment. The UK games industry has also suffered from the same tax woes. But how can the UK ever hope to boost their economy if it does not show some sort of confidence in industry expansion?

There is a wealth of talented and passionate animators in the UK that will continue to soldier on despite the lack of tax breaks but with every UK-based animator that is lured overseas, a part of UK’s industry goes with them.

Will it affect you or does it not make a difference to your company or projects?  What are your thoughts?

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Oli Hyatt form Blue Zoo and writes in to say:

Just a note saying you can get some facts and figures to back up your arguments here…, the case has been presented to the government we are asking them to help us help ourselves, so the ball is in their court. That is not to say we don’t need to keep nudging them!

All we want is to be put on a level playing field, its not rocket science, If the government started giving tax breaks to Tesco’s which meant that their food was 20%-30% cheaper we wouldn’t go and shop next door at Asda.

Its a simple as that, we are a creative, motivated and viable industry, we just need some support to thrive.

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