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Dec 17: Art School Double Header!

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Today we have not one, but two holiday greetings from Universities! First, a trio of UArts alumni known as Juggling Wolf brought a bit of the winter wilds to their alma mater in this unusual piece.

The backstory from Jason, Ian, and Marina a.k.a. Juggling Wolf:
Interesting moment, fact or point of inspiration from your production:
For us, one of the most interesting aspects of this project was wandering through the halls and studios of our alma mater, and discovering unscripted shots. Spontaneity is something we try to embrace, and some of our favorite shots came about without any preconception.

Most memorable Christmas moment:
Our childhood holiday experiences were all dramatically different. Jason moved to Philadelphia from China when he was 13, Marina came here from Russia for undergraduate studies, and Ian grew up in picturesque New Jersey. Jason claims to have had many a Charlie Brown Christmas, Ian nearly blinded his brother while digging a snow fort, and Marina remembers pineapples.

At the top of the Christmas list:
At the top of our wish list, for this and every year, is to continue working together. The work we do together keeps us feeling warm and fuzzy all year long.


Quick to follow, Skye Aldrin takes us on a poetic journey through the seasons in her piece for Otis College of Art and Design.

Interesting moment, fact or point of inspiration from your production:
The chair and co-chair of my department at Otis recommended me to the president of the school to concept and design this holiday animation. The direction I was given was that this piece was to be focused on the New Year rather than the holidays. It should be something that anyone could relate to and enjoy, more like a beautiful experience rather than an explicit story. I had complete creative freedom and felt an enormous amount of pressure to make something good. A blank canvas and the pressure to live up to the expectations placed on me made it difficult for me to begin the project. But when I sat down and put the pressures and expectations aside and really thought about what I would want to see in a piece like this, I was able to come up with a concept I was proud of and excited to execute; the idea of the changing seasons – a cycle that quite literally marks each new year.

Most memorable Christmas moment:
When I think of the holidays I shared with my family growing up, the moments that stand out the most are when we decorated the house for Christmas. Shopping for the perfect tree was essential, and we often spent time inspecting every tree available until we found the one that was the perfect shape, height, and branch density. My parents also made a tradition of giving my siblings and I a new ornament each year. That made decorating the tree all the more fun because we took the time to look at each ornament before it goes on the tree and think of the memories that are attached to each one.

At the top of the Christmas list:
Dodo case has these really cool hardcover iPhone cases that make your phone look like a mini Moleskine… I really want one in polka dot!

#AdventAnimation is a daily showcase of holiday themed animation. If you are working on something with a touch of holiday cheer that will be released sometime between 1 December and Christmas Eve, drop me a note and I will put it into consideration.

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