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Dec 18: How to wish a Merry Christmas to your clients (Emanuele Colombo)

// Advent Animation

As the final days before the Christmas holidays count down, animators all over the world are working madly to meet those last 2014 deadlines for their clients. It may be hard at times to think of sending some Christmas cheer to those demanding clients, but Emanuele Colombo has found one way to make it happen. Slightly tongue-in-cheek, but still sincere, this Christmas greeting reminds those of us working hard over the holidays to be thankful for the creative work that make the world a more beautiful place.

From Emanuele Colombo:
Interesting moment, fact, or point of inspiration from your production:
Christmas is always a good occasion to thank your regular clients, to remind occasional clients that you exist, and to show everybody the quality of your work. So I decided to make this short video to say thanks to my clients, to entertain them with a good quality video, scoffing at all the standard Christmas wishes all of us have received at least once (those emails with glittery .gifs or the super cute Santa kitten), and at the same time to make fun of their crazy requests.

Not being a copywriter, the hardest part was the scripting, I spent a couple of night staring at the roof of my bedroom trying to find the right ideas and the right words. After that, the process was pretty simple, it took me around 5 days to create the video.

The last step was voice over recording, I have found on the internet the talented actor, Troy W. Hudson, whose interpretation I think has been the cherry on the top of the cake.

What special holiday treat would you bring to the Animator’s Holiday Potluck Party?
I am Italian, so people here start working on Christmas dinner two months before Christmas! I would bring food obviously, some homemade ravioli, a couple of boxes of Italian red wine and some Torrone (a typical Christmas sweet of Northern Italy).

One favorite holiday memory from your childhood?
Once I fainted during Midnight mass. Well, it’s not my favourite memory, but it’s definitely the funniest.
Maybe that’s why I spent all the next Christmas Eves playing some Playstation soccer game with my friends.

What’s one thing you are looking forward to in the new year?
I do love my work, so I hope to keep on working on cool and challenging motion design project.

#AdventAnimation is a daily showcase of holiday themed animation. If you are working on something with a touch of holiday cheer that will be released sometime between 1 December and Christmas Eve, drop me a note and I will put it into consideration.

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