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Dec 21: Joyeux Temps des Fêtes coquin! (Squeeze Studio)

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Farmer Fernutz is back this year, crashing your Christmas party with his… hmmm… “interesting” dance moves? Québec-based Squeeze Studio brings us a reminder to lay off the eggnog at your company party this year.

Creative director Patrick Beaulieu tells us where Fernutz learned to dance so well:
Interesting moment, fact or point of inspiration from your production:
Fernutz is our dancing farmer, we already did a lots of fun things with him is the last 2 years, from Dubstep dancing, through the Gangnam dance, through the country dancer, breakdance and finally the Latino dancer! He is a really good dancer! We tried last year one animated clip with Fernutz dancing sexy, and it was terribly disgusting… But, it was a cool experience to give him a feminine look and make him dance sexy. We had a lots of fun making the animation plannfication trying to act sexy…
So this year, we decide to make it happen, but this time in beauty! For the 2013 card, we bring Fernutz SEXY to deliver you the best wishes for Christmas.

Most memorable Christmas moment:
My favorite memory from my childhood is impossible to select. Every year, I was so HUGE fan of this event… kind of maniac. During 2 or 3 months, I was planning this date, planning my gift, the evening, drawing for Santa Claus etc.. I was really enthusiastic about Christmas, no matter the gift! So, my best memory of these events was definitely all the time that I’ve passed through the years, making all the preparation for Christmas. 2 month of pleasure every year, with a smile on my face and my heart full of joy!

At the top of the Christmas list:
I don’t want a sound cheesy, but my best wish this year is to have a good time with my family. I have a wonderfull girlfriend and 4 little girls, and they are my gift everyday of my life.

Not cheesy at all, Patrick!
You can find more of Fernutz’s “creative” dance moves on Squeeze Studio’s Vimeo channel. And don’t his dancing debut in last year’s holiday card.

#AdventAnimation is a daily showcase of holiday themed animation. If you are working on something with a touch of holiday cheer that will be released sometime between 1 December and Christmas Eve, drop me a note and I will put it into consideration.

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