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New video from Elliot Dear – Jon Hopkins “Feel First Life”

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In the second collaboration between Jon Hopkins and director Elliot Dear, the audience is transported to a deserted post-apocalyptic landscape full of dust and destruction, the earth that used to be…

Paying intricate attention to detail, Dear’s handcrafted model set is full of atmospheric touches, from a dilapidated space observatory to the lonely remains of a demolished fairground, distinctive markers of humanity’s achievement and endeavours.

Exploring this deserted world is an assortment of natural and manmade debris, which comes together as an anthropomorphic character roaming the landscape in search of signs of life. With a flowering seed in place of a human head, the 3D physical model embodies nature, juxtaposed with the man-made ruins surrounding it.

Created using a unique mixture of stop motion and live action techniques, Dear brings a distinctive sense of hope to the chaos, finding innovative ways to show new life blossoming.

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