Don Hertzfeldt takes Grand Jury Prize at Sundance 2015

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Don Hertzfeldt takes Grand Jury Prize at Sundance 2015

Following on from the successful trilogy-cum-feature It’s Such A Beautiful Day that so bowled over audiences and critics, early response to Don Hertzfeldt‘s latest World of Tomorrow (in which Julia Pott voices Emily, a woman from the future attempting to hold a conversation with her younger self) is already strong. Last night the film, having debuted at Sundance to much excitement, took the festival’s top prize, beating out its live-action competitors.

Hertzfeldt’s other recent work includes the superb graphic novel The End of the World and a recent ‘couch gag’ segment for The Simpsons that left animation fans rejoicing. To learn more check out his website at

Taking home the Jury Award for Animation was Paul Cabon‘s witty and aesthetically vibrant tale of sci-fi sabotage Storm Hits Jacket. The film has been a hit on the festival circuit, screening at Annecy, LIAF, BFI London, Lille and Sitges amongst others, with an upcoming screening at Clermont-Ferrand next month. For more on the film visit

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