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Video Exclusive: Joanna Quinn on Making the BAF Animated Trailer

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We’re pleased to present you with our latest Skwigly video exclusive – a chat with the superb Joanna Quinn on the creation of her specially animated trailer for the 20th anniversary edition of the Bradford Animation Festival last month.

Directed and animated by Joanna with assistance from an enthusiastic crew, the trailer marks the most recent onscreen appearance of her larger-than-life character Beryl, the lead player of the much-loved short films Girls Night Out (1986), Body Beautiful (1990) and Dreams & Desires – Family Ties (2006).

Describing her collaborative process, Joanna told Skwigly “I normally do all my own animation but occasionally work with other animators – like on the trailer. When I do work with animators I give them clear animation keys to work from. Once the animation is finished and approved I then do another pass and trace over the animation in my style adding to and tweaking the animation as I go through it. I think this process is interesting because a lot of people ask how I work with other animators as my style is so particular.”

To hear more from our live interview with Joanna Quinn check out our recent BAF Podcast Minisode:

You can also check out the completed trailer here:

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  • Michael Tharme

    lol if only animation could be made like a martini, many a drunk animator when THAT happens! lol

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