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London International Animation Festival (LIAF) 2018 Barbican Programmes Announced!

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LIAF 2018 is on it’s way! Tickets for Barbican programmes will be available from 26 October. In the coming weeks we’ll be announcing even more programmes at LIAF regular venue The Horse Hospital. Below you’ll find an overview of all the Barbican programmes… click on the links to discover synopses, stills and some trailers from LIAF 2018.

Fri 30 Nov 18:30 Opening Night Gala + Q&A with Will Anderson & Ainslie Henderson – The Playful Worlds of Scotland’s Most Dynamic Animated Duo (15)
20:45 British Showcase + Filmmakers Introduction (15)
Sat 1 Dec 11:00 Amazing Animations for 0-7 year olds (U)
14:00 Abstract Showcase (15)
17:00 The Wolf House FEATURE (15)
19:00 International Competition Progamme 1:From Absurd to Zany (15)
20:45 International Competition Programme 2: Animated Documentaries 1 +Q&A (15)
Sun 2 Dec 14:00 Marvellous Animations for 8-15 year olds (PG)
17:00 Animated Documentaries – Truth, Lies, Love and Sex/The Films of Jonathan Hodgson + Q&A (15)
19:00 International Competition Programme 3: Being Human (15)
21:00 International Competition Programme 4: Playing with Emotion (15)
Mon 3 Dec 18:30 International Competition Programme 5: Long Shorts (15)
  21:00 International Competition Programme 6: Animated Documentaries 2 (15)
Tue 4 Dec 18:30 Special Programme: Aftermath + Q&A (15)
21:00 International Competition Programme 7: Into the Dark (15)
Wed 5 Dec 18:30 Special Programme: Female Figures + Q&A (15)
21:00 International Competition Programme 8: Looking for Answers (15)
Sun 9 Dec 16:00 Closing Gala: Best of the Fest (15)
18:00 Closing Gala: Best of the Fest REPEAT (15)

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Lewis Heriz
@themooks @skwigly Yeah! That's when it becomes << actual magic >>
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James Howard
@lewisheriz @skwigly That first time you see it move is such a buzz and then you add sound and it just enters a whole new stratosphere.
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Lewis Heriz
@themooks @skwigly I know it's kind of obvious, but I used to see it as 'important but secondary'. I don't see it as secondary any more.
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James Howard
@lewisheriz @skwigly Sound does bring it to life.
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