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Oscars 2012 Poll: Who Will Win Best Animated Short? Longlist Vote

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The nights are drawing in, the days are getting colder and still the gentle reminder that award season is looming upon us begins to hang in the air as the first glimmer of speculation creeps into the consciousness of those eager to see their favourite film take away an award. The Academy have released the following films that have been screened before voting will whittle the numbers down twice before a final 5 will be shortlisted for the main award ceremony honouring the films of 2012 on the 24th February 2013

Last years winner, ‘The Fantastic Flying Books of Morris Lessmore’


Last year we opened up the polls to the Skwigly readership with only 2% of you voting for the final victor ‘The Fantastic Flying books of Mr. Morris Lessmore’ and a mighty 19% wishing for David O’Reillys ‘External World’ to win. We want you all to vote here again. You don’t have to have seen every film, just go with your favourite and tell us why in the comments below.

2012 Polls: The vote is yours ...

  • Head Over Heels by Timothy Reckart
  • Cadaver by Jonah D. Ansell (21%)
  • The Maker by Christopher Kezelos
  • I Hate You Red Light by M.R Horhager & J.M Walter
  • The Missing Key by Jonathan Nix
  • Fear of Flying by Conor Finnegan
  • Paperman by John Kahrs 
  • The Eagleman Stag by Mikey Please
  • The Making of Longbird by Will Anderson (2%)
  • Oh Willy… by Emma de Swaef & Mark James
  • It’s Such a Beautiful Day by Don Hertzfelt
  • Belly by Julia Pott
  • Junkyard by Hisko Hulsing
  • The Gruffalo’s Child by Johannes Weiland & Uwe Heidschotter
  • The Pub by Joseph Pierce
  • Being Bradford Dillman by Emma Burch
  • 7596 Frames by Martin Georgiev
  • Kali the Little Vampire by Regina Pessoa
  • Adam and Dog by Minku Lee
  • Maggie Simpson in "The Longest Daycare" by David Silverman (0%)
  • Overcast by James Lancett & Sean Weston
  • Pepe & Lucas by Brain Zoo Studios
  • Fresh Guacamole by PES
  • Sammy
  • The Game by Marcin Janiec
  • Wolf Dog Tales by Bernadine Santistevan
  • Lost and Found
  • House of Monsters by Dawn Brown
  • Here and the Great Elsewhere by Michele Lemieux
  • Edmond Was a Donkey by Frank Dion (0%)
  • Body Memory (Keha Ma’I LI) by Ulo Pikkov
  • The Hybrid Union by Serguei Kouchnerov
  • Zeinek Gehiago Iraun by Gregorio Muro Arriet (0%)
  • Amazonia by Sam Chen
  • Wiggle Room by Joey Shanks (0%)
  • Tram by Michaela Pavlatova
  • Traces
  • The Wind Girl (La Nina de Viento) by Nicolas Lara
  • The Tale of a String
  • The Story of Pines by Musa Brooker
  • Bydlo by Patrick Bouchard
  • Chase by Tomas Vergara
  • Combustible by Katsuhiro Otomo
  • The Last Bus (Posledny Autobus) by Martin Snopek & Ivana Lucikova
  • La Detente by Pierre Ducos
  • Daffy’s Rhapsody by Matt O'Callghan
  • Dell’ Ammazzare Il Maiale by Simone Massi
  • The Fall of the House of Usher by Raul Garcia
  • Dripped by Leo Verrier
  • Shift by Jimmy Yuan
Slow Derek by Dan Ojari
  • Reflexion by Yoshimichi Tamura & Fabrice Senia
  • Pasteurized by Nicolas P. Villarreal
  • I Saw Mice Burying a Cat by Dmitry Geller
  • Kara by Quantic Dream
  • Kubla Khan by Joan Gratz
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Follow the links to find Skwigly articles, videos or Podcasts where we interview or discuss the nominees or external videos and sites if we can find them.

7596 Frames – Martin Georgiev
Adam and Dog – Minku Lee
Amazonia – Sam Chen
Being Bradford Dillman – Emma Burch
Belly – Julia Pott
Body Memory (Keha Ma’I LI) – Ulo Pikkov
Bydlo – Patrick Bouchard
Cadaver – Jonah D. Ansell
Chase – Tomas Vergara
Combustible – Katsuhiro Otomo
Daffy’s Rhapsody – Matt O’Callghan
Dell’ Ammazzare Il Maiale – Simone Massi
Dripped – Leo Verrier
Edmond Was a Donkey – Frank Dion
Fear of Flying – Conor Finnegan
Fresh Guacamole – PES
Head Over Heels – Timothy Reckart
Here and the Great Elsewhere – Michele Lemieux
House of Monsters – Dawn Brown
I Hate You Red Light – M.R Horhager & J.M Walter
I Saw Mice Burying a Cat – Dmitry Geller
It’s Such a Beautiful Day – Don Hertzfelt
Junkyard – Hisko Hulsing
Kali the Little Vampire – Regina Pessoa
Kara – Quantic Dream
Kubla Khan – Joan Gratz
La Detente – Pierre Ducos
Lost and Found
Maggie Simpson in “The Longest Daycare” – David Silverman
Oh Willy… – Emma de Swaef & Mark James
Overcast – James Lancett & Sean Weston
Paperman – John Kahrs 
Pasteurized – Nicolas P. Villarreal
Pepe & Lucas – Brain Zoo Studios
Reflexion – Yoshimichi Tamura & Fabrice Senia
Shift – Jimmy Yuan
Slow Derek – Dan Ojari
The Eagleman Stag – Mikey Please
The Fall of the House of Usher – Raul Garcia
The Game – Marcin Janiec
The Gruffalo’s Child – Johannes Weiland & Uwe Heidschotter
The Hybrid Union – Serguei Kouchnerov
The Last Bus (Posledny Autobus) – Martin Snopek & Ivana Lucikova
The Maker – Christopher Kezelos
The Making of Longbird – Will Anderson
The Missing Key – Jonathan Nix
The Pub – Joseph Pierce
The Story of Pines – Musa Brooker
The Tale of a String
The Wind Girl (La Nina de Viento) – Nicolas Lara
Tram – Michaela Pavlatova
Wiggle Room – Joey Shanks
Wolf Dog Tales – Bernadine Santistevan
Zeinek Gehiago Iraun – Gregorio Muro Arriet


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