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Skwigly Animation Podcast #11 – Richard “Golly” Starzak & Daniel Greaves

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Presenting the eleventh episode of the Skwigly podcast! If you wish to get involved or have any topic you wish us to address in the next podcast then please get in touch with us on either Facebook or Twitter or by email at podcast [@] or leave a comment below.
This episode features:

Plus VFX controversy talk, silent comedy appreciation and Ben’s wacky work-induced psychotic break. For more information on our guests and their projects, click the links below:

Presented by Steve Henderson and Ben Mitchell
Music by Wesley Allard and Ben Mitchell
Edited and produced by Ben Mitchell

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  • Great podcast again guys – we’ve had our fair share of problematic client relationships, so share your pain Ben!

    We now always listen to our instincts with projects – if there’s something nagging at the back of our heads that a client or a project might not be as professional as we’d like, then we don’t take the job – no matter how awesome it may sound! Took us a while to learn, but it’s been much smoother sailing ever since!

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