Skwigly Animation Podcast #8 – Christmas 2012

In this podcast...

Presenting the holly’n’jolly episode 8 of the Skwigly podcast! We want this to be just as interactive as our Twitter account and Facebook so if you wish to get involved or have any topic you wish us to address in the next podcast then please get in touch with us on either Facebook or Twitter or by email at podcast [@] or leave a comment below.
This episode features:

We also discuss ours and your holiday animation memories and reveal the winners of two of our Christmas competitions!

Presented by Steve Henderson and Ben Mitchell
Original Skwigly theme by Wesley Allard, christmas arrangement and additional music by Ben Mitchell
Edited, produced and written segments by Ben Mitchell

  • Having fun are we boys?

  • I missed NBFC at the cinema in 93 but saw the 3D version that was released in 2009, epic times were seen that day!

  • LMAO Steve you crack me up…will make sure I get the taxi to been outside your flat when i come up lol

    • That was genuine, Ben wrote the script around that rant. If you want to see a live performance please ask the Taxi driver to beep his horn in 5 second intervals

  • Great podcast! Loved it when you were comparing Mario and Baby Mario to Jesus and baby Jesus! XD