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Skwigly Animation Podcast ‘Annecy Special’ – John Kahrs, Kristina Reed and Matt O’Callaghan

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Welcome to the first “special” Skwigly podcast focused entirely on the Annecy animation festival, giving you a taster of the festival for those who may not have been lucky enough to attend.

As well reviews of some of the more notable films from Ben and Steve we also interview John Kahrs and Kristina Reed the director and producer of Disney’s much talked about “Paperman” as well as an interview with director and writer Matt O’Callaghan who brought the latest Daffy Duck short to the festival.

We also take a look at things that happen around the festival and the infamous “Annecy Plus” hosted by Bill Plympton and Nancy Phelps featuring some very entertaining films and live music.  A must for anyone attending the festival.

So sit back, relax, put the kettle on and enjoy this special Annecy podcast.

Presented by Steve Henderson and Ben Mitchell
Special guests: John Kahrs, Kristina Reed and Matt O’Callaghan
Music by Wesley Allard
Edited and produced by Ben Mitchell

Podcast breakdown: 
0:00:00 – Introducing the first podcast special. Steve went to Annecy. Ben did not. Bitterness.
0:02:28 – Steve gives the lowdown on the Annecy Festival’s history and traditions as well as this year’s more standout films.
0:31:59 – Interview with John Kahrs and Kristina Reed, director and producer respectively of Disney’s highly anticipated new short “Paperman”.
0:50:46 – Discussing “Wreck-It Ralph” (the upcoming Disney feature to which “Paperman” is attached) and more festival highlights.
0:57:48 – Interview with Matt O’Callaghan, director of the contemporary “Looney Tunes” shorts including the Oscar-shortlisted “”I Tawt I Taw A Puddy Tat” and this year’s “Daffy’s Rhapsody”.
1:24:54 – Overview of this year’s “Annecy Plus” screening, the unofficial strand of the festival organised each year by Bill Plympton and Nancy Phelps showcasing the best rejected films from the main festival.
1:33:54 – C’est fini les amis!

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@lewisheriz @skwigly That first time you see it move is such a buzz and then you add sound and it just enters a whole new stratosphere.
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