Skwigly Animation Podcast #20 – Mikey Please, Ainslie Henderson & Vivien Halas

In this podcast...

Two years in, we’re proud to present the twentieth episode of the Skwigly podcast! If you wish to get involved or have any topic you’d like us to address in the next podcast then please get in touch with us on either Facebook, Twitter, by email to or leave a comment below.
This episode features:

Presented by Steve Henderson and Ben Mitchell with guest interviewer Laura-Beth Cowley
Music by Wesley Allard and Ben Mitchell
Edited and produced by Ben Mitchell

  • I am definitely looking forward to Boxtrolls. The promo they did where you actually see the process is FANTASTIC. The “masses” need to know this stuff more, they think it’s just some easy simple thing. Or that stop-mo like Boxtrolls is CGI not actually THINGS that must be built in reality.