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Skwigly Animation Podcast #12 – Brian Cosgrove of Cosgrove Hall

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Presenting the twelfth episode of the Skwigly podcast! If you wish to get involved or have any topic you wish us to address in the next podcast then please get in touch with us on either Facebook or Twitter or by email at podcast [@] or leave a comment below.
This episode features:

Plus musings on creativity, show cancellations, strange Disney developments and the glory days of the now-defunct LucasArts.

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Presented by Steve Henderson and Ben Mitchell
Music by Wesley Allard and Ben Mitchell
Edited and produced by Ben Mitchell

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  • Andrew

    Count Duckula was originally a villain in Danger Mouse and then span off into his own series as a good guy. Victor & Hugo in turn, span off from Count Duckula (where they were Gaston and Pierre) into THEIR own show (in which both Danger Mouse and Duckula guest starred.)

    Could not agree more about the writing style of these shows. They were clearly written in a style that would simply entertain everyone who liked that classic old-school British humour without talking down to children. In fact as a child I didn’t even get all of the jokes, but I found it helped me appreciate the English language more and I owe a lot of my humour and vocabulary to Brian Trueman and Jimmy Hibbert. It’s sad how Cosgrove-Hall pretty much seems to get ignored outside the UK or simply remembered as ‘they did Danger Mouse’ which is admittedly a fantastic show, but certainly not the only thing they did. Also sad that the high writing style they were known for seemed to die out and become more kiddie in the mid 90s.

    • Steve Henderson

      I didn’t know DM and Duckula appeared in “Victor & Hugo” fascinating fact, cheers Andrew! As V&H were humanised, or whatever the opposite or extreme of anthropomorphisation is, I suppose DM & Duckula didn’t appear as themselves?

      • Andrew

        Victorand Hugo were just about the only characters that appeared as full humans, the rest were a mixed bag giving it a kinda 30s/40s feel. DM andDuckla and many others appeared as they were. Gave the show a kinda group feel, like the Warners and HB team efforts. Soammes and Potson even appeared! I’ve mananged to share what episodes I have on Youtube, pretty fun stuff all said and would love an official DVD release some day.

        • Steve Henderson

          Perhaps Freemantle have the rights and will release them as they have with others? I do need to watch Victor and Hugo again!

          • Andrew

            Haha! I wish they would. Last I heard it was being aired in Australia. I was very surprised to find that Avenger Penguins had a DVD release by Delta Music – naturally I snapped it up.

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