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A Short Epic

2013 // Action, Comedy, Short Film, Digital 2D, Silhouette, Special Effects


Dir: Lee Daniels

What is the film about?

After Effects Animated Short

A solitary Knight battles increasingly deadly foes during a VERY brief quest.

What influenced it?

Take your pick of medieval knights and dragons epics of the past. Their quests are usually a lot longer (and more successful) but any will do…

A little background information...

It’s been a very busy year of client animation work here at LeeDanielsART Studio , so sadly I have not had much time to work on personal webseries ‘Jungle Brawl’ or planned sequel to my Spy skit ‘Clearance’ (3-4min Eps).
In light of this, to keep up momentum on my personal output, I have decided to release a bunch of ‘short’ shorts when gaps in the schedule allow.
This is the first… ‘A Short Epic’

How was the film made?

It was made using Adobe Creative Suite.
2D/3D Animation work was done solely in After Effects and edited in Premiere.
All illustration work on display was created using a mix of Illustrator and Photoshop.
Sound effects were a mixture of recorded originals and Soundbooth/Garageband stock FX
The score is an amazing great piece created by VideoCopilot as part of the ProScores package, which is layered and edited down to fit the action.

Dan McHale
My short is on Skwigly.
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