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Adnexa Oculit

2016 // Drama, Horror, Short Film, Student Film, Abstract, Digital 2D


Dir: Ana Camelia Cojan

What is the film about?

In a world of anthropomorphic foxes, teenagers Jal and Marcia discuss the reason why every so often all the residents of their town hide inside underground caves. Jal narrates the mystery, revealing the reason why the eyes of their species look glassy and fake.

What influenced it?

The main aesthetic inspiration for my film is the Celestial Dynamics animation by Kim Taylor. Other influences: The art of drowning by JASON SONDHI, The girl and the Tree by moin samadi , fennec foxes and low poly CGI models.

A little background information...

With Adnexa Oculi, I wanted to create a complex story told quickly through narration, and use graphic elements to communicate it.
Through creating it, I learned to condense story elements into simpler drawings and experiment with alternative types of transitions from scene to scene.
It was also be new to me to design and animate anthropomorphic characters.

How was the film was made?

The animation was done digitally in TV Paint. The backgrounds were created in Photoshop and the post production, was done in After Effects and Premiere. I did the voice of Marcia myself and my tutor lent me his voice for Jal.

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