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Back When You Were Beautiful

2009 // Drama, Music Video, CGI


Dir: Neil Whitman

What is the film about?

Back When You Were Beautiful is based on a song by band No-Man. The film centers around an old man and follows him on a nostalgic journey through a lifetime of memories.

No-Man’s music is very emotive and raw and I wanted to create a story that would reflect this. I had the idea of creating an old man character that had lived, loved and lost. He is forgotten and alone in the world except for reflections of the past.

This was my first full length venture into CGI animation and it was made in my spare time over the course of 7 months.

What influenced it?

Raymond Briggs’ films and various Pixar shorts.

A little background information...

I was asked to make it to be used in a documentary about the prog rock band No-Man.

How was the film made?

I used Cinema 4D to designed/modeled all the scenes from scratch and then edited in After Effects.

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