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2013 // Comedy, Short Film, Student Film, CGI, Digital 2D


Dir: mara fradella

What is the film about?

A group of circus acrobats peacefully live in the desert. But their tranquillity is shattered when an extravagant and unreasonable little girl appears from nowhere and demands to see an amazing circus show.
Balance is the story of this odd meeting filled with comical conflicts that create a surreal situation.

What influenced it?

I like the circus-buskers world and atmosphere and that inspired me a lot. And then I watched many times my favorite animated characters trying to see what makes them so good, engaging and believable.

A little background information...

I made this film during my MA, in which I wanted to learn and practice character animation. So I decided to make a comic film about people with very different personalities that don’t understand each other and thus get very annoyed.

How was the film made?

Balance was realized with hybrid techniques: characters were modelled and animated in CGI and then composited with 2D background and effects. I directed, designed and animated it, but I collaborated with two other students: Ilaria Introzzi for modelling and rigging, and David Sesmero Munoyerro who composed the music.
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