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Bastard Bunny – Boozers Ain’t Wot They Used To Be

2013 // Adult, Comedy, Short Film, Digital 2D


Dir: Dave Anderson and David Lopez Retamero

What is the film about?

Bastard Bunny has been ‘away’ for a few years. Now he’s back and he ain’t happy. His local has been gentrified and turned into a gastro pub. Bastard don’t do gastro.

What influenced it?

90s, dance, punk, rudeness.

A little background information...

The original comic was written back in the 90s by raver and writer Dave Anderson. It was a self published classic that ran hand in hand with the dance scene with new-punk sensibilities.

Bastard Bunny was rude, crude and really a massive bastard. He was also funny and had a motley crew of pals by his side. He’s now back but ‘fat and forty’ and Things Just Ain’t Wot They used To Be.

We we wanted to bring The Bastard to life and Channel 4’s Random Acts decided to show it on Channel4.

How was the film made?

David Lopez Retamero drew the story by hand and composed it in after effects.

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