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2015 // Comedy, Short Film, Digital 2D


Dir: Patrick Schoenmaker

What is the film about?

In a joyless nursing home, a feisty elderly woman embarks on a maniacal quest to recover a lost bingo ball.

A little background information...

‘Bingo!’ has won several festival awards, most of them audience awards.

In a sad nursing home, where the personel have no regard for the elderly, a spirited and competitive old lady called Gerda has one consolation: the weekly bingo night. When the last drawn bingo ball suddenly disappears, she starts an absurd quest to retrieve it, turning the lifeless place upside down in the process.

From the team that brought you: Things you’d better not mix up, Leaving Home, How Dave and Emma got pregnant, Golden Oldies, Snapshot and the Cartoon Box series. From the director of: The Itch and The Animated Adventures of Indiana Jones.

How was the film made?

This film was hand animated digitally using TV Paint for character animation and Photoshop for the backgrounds, After Effects for compositing and Premiere for editing.

Written and directed by Patrick Schoenmaker
Co-Written by Joost Lieuwma and Daan Velsink
Produced by Breinmonster Animation Productions / Daan Velsink at Animation Studio Frame Order
Animated by Bob Wolkers, Florian Walraven, Nicole Derksen, Merel van den Broek, Patrick Schoenmaker
Backgrounds – Merel van den Broek, Patrick Schoenmaker
Editing – Daan Velsink, Patrick Schoenmaker
Art Direction and Character Design – Patrick Schoenmaker
Concept Art and Production Design – Patrick Schoenmaker, Bonnie Mier
Coloring and Shading – Kim van Engelen, Anouk Tas, Nahuel Garcia
Sounddesign and Audio Mix – Jeroen Nadorp, Bob Kommer Studios
Music – Jorrit Kleijnen and Alexander Reumers
Voices – Tosca Niterink
Additional Voices – Daan Velsink, Sanjay Ganpat Brouwer, Patrick Schoenmaker, Jeroen Nadorp
Special Thanks to Peter Lindhout, Jolijn van Rees, Kees Ostendorf, Wilbert Plijnaar

copyright 2017 Frame Order Animation Studio

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