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Cold Meets

2015 // Action, Comedy, Short Film, Stop Motion


Dir: Marnik Loysen

What is the film about?

One man in a fight against salami. Cold Meets is the detective story of the century, or at least the last few seconds.

What influenced it?

Classic and neo-noir such as: The Big Sleep, Murder My Sweet, Chinatown, Vertigo (anything by Hitchcock) and the novels of Raymond Chandler. Animation-wise, anything stop motion!

Joanne Best
@skwigly @BAAwards Where will we able to see Poles Apart? It looks lovely.
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@pencilbandit @skwigly Cheers bro. Well done! ✌🏻
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Pencil Bandit
PLUS a big whoop whoop to all the other winners from Thursday's event, including the lovely @willanderson_ for 'Bes…
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UWE Animation
Congratulations @HelenBrunsdon and all the winners
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