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2015 // Comedy, Student Film, Traditional 2D


Dir: David Stumpf

What is the film about?

According to the justice of the Wild West, thieves must be punished. But when the sheriff’s horse breaks, and there is no-one to oversee justice, it’s hard to forecast if justice stays justice.

What influenced it?

polish ink illustrations, B&W comics, Sergio Leone and Tarantino.

A little background information...

In the school we got the theme of animal dressage. At the last minute, I got an idea of making fun of it, and made some “anti-dressage”. I love western, and so the idea came with drunken cowboy who is unable to realize, that his horse is not alive, but just a common child’s wooden horse. Since I had little time to prepare, many things were improvised and I handled them along the way. Most of the ideas were based on my notebook, full of drunken cowboys, naked women and chickens.

How was the film made?

First I was animating with pencil on paper, then line-tested it. After corrections I made cleanups. After that, process started to be really boring. I had to color every frame with black ink, scanned it, cleaned every scan. But then I could finally for the first time see some results. I made compositing in After Effects and editing in Premiere. Process of animation took me about 4 months, coloring and scanning about 1 month and compositing around 1 month .

After first version, it was too long and boring. I have decided to cut some animation off and reanimate some things to obtain final form of the film.

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