3:21 mins 07 May 2014
Director:Zachary Zezima
University:California Institute of the Arts (CALARTS)
Country:United States of America


Based on a true story, CRUISING follows a young man through an extrovert\’s dream and an introvert\’s nightmare; the chaotic and cacophonous world of forced-fun aboard an insular cruise ship. His initial inability to accept his environment drives him to suicidal fantasy, where he learns to cope with his stressors, discomfort and anxieties.


After a family cruise in which I briefly contemplated jumping ship, I felt my inner conflicts within this environment and setting would make for an interesting story. After learning I’d be joining my family for a second cruise, I decided to use it as a research trip for a short animated film and it’s the only reason I didn’t go overboard the second time!

How the film was made

A mixture of hand-drawn animation, Photoshop animation, video, photography and stop motion, all composited in After Effects.

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