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2011 // Adult, Musical, Romance, Music Video, Abstract, Sand, Stop Motion


Dir: Philippe Vaucher

What is the film about?

A sudden gust of wind carries a girl on a lyrical journey through memory, metaphor and a life yet to be lived.

What influenced it?

Caroline Leaf, Martine Chartrand, Hermann Hesse, Joseph Campbell, Norman McLaren and Zdenko Gasparovic.

A little background information...

Cumulus is the second film I’ve made for Montreal violinist: Mireille Proulx.
Mireille has always given me carte blanche in all regards. I was therefore free to tell the story which I felt emerged from the music and to choose a technique that suited both theme and budget. The result is closer to a film d’auteur than a music video.
I chose the technique of salt because my producer, Marcel Jean, suggested that it might be prettier and cleaner than sand-on-glass, a technique I had previously employed to animate my graduate film: Wuji.

How was the film made?

Shot using a Canon Rebel and animated frame-by-frame on an old copy stand. The material is coloured salt on backlit glass with certain scenes composited in After Effects.

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