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The Day I Killed My Best Friend

2012 // Comedy, Drama, Student Film, Titles, Digital 2D, Experimental, Stop Motion, Traditional 2D


Dir: Antonio Busto (Rabano Studio)

What is the film about?

Regla is a nine-year-old girl, whose only friend is imaginary. Regla hates bath time and always has to be ordered to do it. One day Regla and her indulgent imaginary friend are forced to confront the sudden arrival of her first menstruation and the problems that come with it.

What influenced it?

We’re influenced by any stuff, but mainly they are: Japanese animation, music videos, Harmony Korine, Wes Anderson…
Basically we love films, titles sequences, graphic design, comics, music, tumblr and so many things.

A little background information...

We had to do a graduation film and we wanted to talk about so many topics, like childhood, sex, violence, love or fantasy.
The first menstruation of a little girl could cover perfectly all these interests and allowed us experimentate with tecniques and narratives as much as we wanted.

How was the film made?

The short film was made between UK and Spain and the whole creative process was made in distance.
We mixed live action and 2d computer animation. Also we made a special titles sequence embroiding girl panties and covering Mozart’s “Queen of the night” with an old toy piano.

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