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Daylight – Dream Jam Band

2013 // Childrens, Musical, Music Video, Digital 2D


Dir: Planet Sunday

What is the film about?

Daylight is the first single from the new World Of Nickhoo by Dream Jam Band.

The video tells the story of Oliver Raccoon, whose boredom is shattered by a balloon floating by. Once Oliver manages to catch hold of the balloon his incredible journey begins.

A little background information...

We were approached by the band in the autumn of 2013. We’ve produced nearly 40 animated music videos for bands in the US who specialise in producing kids music.

Dream Jam shared their passion for entertaining kids who are in hospital due to suffering with leukemia, and it started from there.

We were basically given the characters, the song and a blank canvas, so we put pencil to paper and wrote a short story of how just one simple leap of faith can lead you on an incredible adventure.

How was the film was made?

We started out as usual sketching out ideas, and then created an image board which we used to pitch the idea to the client. We then created the storyboards and animatic using Toon Boom Storyboard Pro and Harmony.

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