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Dinner’s at 6

2015 // Drama, Short Film, Digital 2D


Dir: Dane Winn

What is the film about?

A short about the dynamic of a family during the ritual of sitting up for dinner at 6 o’clock.

What influenced it?

Traditional animation

A little background information...

I wanted to make something a bit more experimental, using only the lower half of the character’s body to showcase their behaviour. The film isn’t narrative based, but more about trying to expressive the little conflicts and comforts that come from a family

How was the film was made?

It was animated in Maya, then rotoscoped with the final character designs in Flash, and composited together in After Effects

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Bertram Fiddle - Leading Victorian Explorator
@acornfriend @skwigly does a pretty good job. they are only smallish, but it's all from the heart
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dani abram
@acornfriend Can I throw a recommendation for @skwigly online animation magazine in there :D
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