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Doo Dah Dayo

2015 // Childrens, Comedy, Music Video, Digital 2D


Dir: Charlie Swan Pullin

What is the film about?

A young boy sets out in the countryside on his moped summoning all his woodland friends.

What influenced it?

Probably the most prominent is old Warner Brothers cartoons, I did watch my Looney Tunes Golden boxsets at the start of making this. Other than that I’m sure a lot of other cartoons I’ve watched have made their way into the look of this unintentionally.

A little background information...

It was a chance to do a commission where I pretty much had full creative freedom, in fact the guys I made it for actually asked it to be edgy in the way that many kids cartoons are today, which was amazing. My favourite part was coming up with the surreal gags as that’s something exclusive to animation if not 2D animation only.

How was the film made?

This video was made mostly using Toon Boom Animate 3 (a few shots were done in Flash CS5) and I tiny bit of After Effects CS5 using a 21ux Wacom Cintiq over a period of five months (taking a few other short freelance jobs in between) I had another artist (Moomie Swan) do the backgrounds.

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