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Fritz \’n\’ Putz – His Monster Movie

2014 // Comedy, Horror, Short Film, CGI


Dir: Juz Capes

What is the film about?

Fritz, the assistant inventor, and his pug pal Putz act out in their silly adventures of surreal musically charged motion.

\’His Monster Movie\’ – Fritz decides to remake his favourite horror film \’Frankenstein\’ with help from his pal Putz. The Frankenstein movie is re-shot with such accuracy that they accidentally create their own Monster! A Monster beyond the films humble budget!

What influenced it?

John K, Tim Burton, Bob Clampett, Chuck Jones, Bob McKimson, Pendleton Ward, Ralph Bakshi, Nick Cross, James Whale, Boris Karloff, Nick Park, Aardman...

A little background information...

Originally a learning exercise to get better at animation techniques/fundamentals.

How was the film made?

Completely independently.
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