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The Greek Legacy: How the Ancient Greeks Shaped Modern Mathematics

2013 // Childrens, Comedy, Documentary, Educational Film, Informational Film, Collage, Motion Graphics, Traditional 2D


Dir: 12foot6

This film may not be safe for the workplace

What is the film about?

We were asked by the brilliant Royal Institution to create an animation to tell the tale of Ancient Greek Mathematics in just two minutes.

No mean feat I hear you say? Well listen to this…

“2500 years ago a group of revolutionary thinkers changed the way we think about maths. Through the idea of proof, the Ancient Greeks showed that maths isn’t just about performing calculations, but a way of understanding and testing the reality of the world around us”.

Big thanks to Phoebe Halstead for leading the project.

Also thanks to James Grime for his expert help on the script and recording the voice-over.

What influenced it?

Mathematics & learning.

A little background information...

We made it for The Royal Institution.

How was the film was made?

A mixture of hand drawn. cut-out and flash.

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Bertram Fiddle - Leading Victorian Explorator
@acornfriend @skwigly does a pretty good job. they are only smallish, but it's all from the heart
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dani abram
@acornfriend Can I throw a recommendation for @skwigly online animation magazine in there :D
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