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Handbook For a Happy Scout

2018 // Adult, Comedy, Short Film, Student Film, Digital 2D


Dir: Billy Huntington

What is the film about?

Handbook for a Happy Scout is the story of young misfit Malcolm who wants to hang out with the cool kids. To earn his place in the gang, our scout goes in search of tasks to prove his worth, and gain the much-coveted scout badges. However, all his attempts end up in flames…

What influenced it?

Napoleon Dynamite
This is England
George Shaw
Buster Keaton

A little background information...

When I came back to England after living abroad, I viewed the place I had grown up with renewed interest and I was inspired to make this film.

How was the film made?

I drew locations on site, then scanned them in, added colour and animated over the top of them in Photoshop.

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