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Herman Brown is Feeling Down

2018 // Childrens, Comedy, Short Film, Student Film, Abstract, Digital 2D, Drawn On Film, Experimental


Dir: Dan Castro

What is the film about?

Herman’s quiet, colourful world is suddenly interrupted by something loud and stressy. Herman Brown is a film about life, anxiety, and learning how to cope with both.

What influenced it?

Ernest Pintoff, Norman Mclaren, Steve Woloshen, Oscar Fischinger, Tim Web, Joe King, Stoppit & Tidyup

A little background information...

The film was made when, whilst stressing out about writing another totally different film for my RCA final project, I had a bit of a mental health wobble. This got me thinking about how stress can build from nothing, take over your entire life and bring all of your little anxieties to a head, and how I tend to cope with that by ignoring it. This overtook the other project, and became my grad film!

How was the film made?

The film was made combining digital animation with traditional scratch/ink-on-film techniques. The production process also combined the organised and free-form natures of both processes – there was a very early storyboard, but after that the film was made instinctively, experimenting and playing with scenes before editing them together.

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