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2013 // Drama, Short Film, Student Film, Digital 2D, Experimental


Dir: Minhee Kang

What is the film about?

A story hinged on nostalgia and the dull pangs of growing up, HOME follows a girl as she returns to collect the last belongings from her childhood home.

A little background information...

I was born and raised in Chicago, and this was the first year I have ever spent away from home. Although I am 23 years old, I felt very much like a little kid, and I was very homesick. This film came from that feeling both of homesickness and nostalgia, and the sense that while childhood is over, only more adventures await in the future.

How was the film was made?

I filmed the inside of a couple empty houses back in Chicago, and then I animated through photoshop on top of that footage.

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