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Honey Colony

2016 // Drama, Musical, Music Video, Abstract, Experimental, Traditional 2D


Dir: Jonah Primiano

What is the film about?

Official video for the song ‘Honey Colony’ by Soft Fangs.
Directed and animated by Jonah Primiano.
DA039 | 2017.

A little background information...

Working with the minimal tone of the track, the video uses simple drawings and washes of color to translate this feeling visually. Warm, summery colors create an atmosphere of a familiar and mundane routine, much like the life of the worker bee. The drawings were kept simple to balance evenly with the gentle lyric delivery. Rather than presenting a clear-cut story, the video focuses on points-of-view, perspectives, and common objects that can be both specific and universal. Building with the music, the visuals become more complex while more vibrant color is introduced. mirroring the tracks final lines in search of something more, three separate drawings present different visual exit’s from the routine.

How was the film made?

The film is completely hand drawn with background color done with watercolors. Everything was photographed and then composited to achieve the final effect.

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