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How do we monitor the weather from space?

2015 // Childrens, Documentary, Educational Film, Informational Film, Short Film, CGI, Digital 2D, Motion Graphics


Dir: DC Turner

What is the film about?

Educational short produced for the Eumetsat Learning Zone(

How do weather satellites work and why do we use them?

What influenced it?


* Jim Flora,
* Maurice Noble,
* Mary Blair

Animation style / tone;
1950’s Limited animation commercials – the likes of

* Playhouse Pictures
* Warner Bros

A little background information...

From a series of animated educational shorts designed to encourage teens to study / work in meteorology.

How was the film made?

Hand drawn animations;

* Toon Boom Harmony
* Photoshop


* Photoshop
* Krita


* Photoshop
* Mischief



Compositing & Motion Graphics

* After Effects

Tragic Magic 💀
@skwigly @thenfb @bonobostudio Watched it last night, what a wonderful piece of work. Such a great look to it.
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Dr. Bella Honess Roe
Stop motion + wool. The only that would make me happier is if it had chickens in it. Watch this - it's gorgeous.
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