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Jake Remake

2013 // Childrens, Comedy, Educational Film, Music Video, Student Film, TV Episode, Stop Motion


Dir: Matthew Burnham-Jones

What is the film about?

Jake Remake is a new and dynamic children’s television programme aimed at preschool children which sees Jake creatively turn old junk and rubbish into new and exciting things, with a little help from his friends Professor Baggins and Card Bird.

What influenced it?

When I was little I grew up engrossed by children’s television programmes such as Art Attack and SMart and ever since I have been making things out of old rubbish. This was a huge influence to both my video and my general decision to practice stop motion animation.

A little background information...

I made this film as part of my degree as I wanted to down the path of creating an idea for a children’s programme rather than a short film.

How was the film was made?

Although this is only part of the whole idea for the pilot I made this in two parts,the main stop motion part was all filmed in university into Stop Motion Pro 7 and the song was animated using simple flash techniques.

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Bertram Fiddle - Leading Victorian Explorator
@acornfriend @skwigly does a pretty good job. they are only smallish, but it's all from the heart
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dani abram
@acornfriend Can I throw a recommendation for @skwigly online animation magazine in there :D
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