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2018 // Musical, Music Video, Digital 2D, Drawn On Film, Experimental, Rotoscoping, Silhouette


Dir: Nathan Erasmus

What is the film about?

A space cowboy is sent to a far away planet to exterminate a weapon of mass destruction, he find nothing and instead throws the whole eco-system into chaos.

What influenced it?

The conceptual design of the album’s artwork by Archie Edwards lends itself well to animation and the visuals in the Jettisoned video are strongly inspired by retro sci-fi posters and book covers, something Archie and myself are both big fans of.

A little background information...

The band have their own unique experimental sound and the album took me on an unpredictable journey, one I haven’t been on since listening to Radiohead’s ‘In Rainbows’. After listening to the album and commenting on a post of how great the music was we got speaking and decided to work together.
I love the sci-fi genre for many reasons, one of which is that it often explores metaphors and this is what I wanted to do in exploring the theme of Jettisoning.

How was the film made?

I took the album cover design from Archie and thumb nailed a storyboard with some rough concepts and designed a silhouette mockup in photoshop using an existing image from the bands website. After the band liked the direction of combining rotoscoped images of them performing intertwined with a hand drawn character narrative then the fun started. I got my long time collaborator; the very talented Kowloon Ayogi to help me design more characters for the world and digitally redraw the story board for the animatic which I then synced with the music.

The rotoscope scenes were made in After Effects using existing gig footage of the band and the character animation was hand drawn then all comped together in Premiere.

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