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Kevin Pearce – Bedlam (feat Olly Knights of Turin Brakes and Tom Mcrae)

2013 // Action, Romance, Music Video, Short Film, Digital 2D


Dir: Tom Sanders and William Long

What is the film about?

An insurmountable wall of ice separates a man and woman. They must find a way to reach each other before it’s too late……

This is the long awaited music video to accompany Kevin Pearce’s excellent song Bedlam featuring Olly Knights of Turin Brakes and Tom Mcrae. Produced over 5 months It went quickly from small story to an epic little short film, to capture best this atmospheric track. Directed by Tom Sanders and Willam Long it’s a moody atmospheric journey of love and loss set in an chilling icy world.

What influenced it?

We were not influenced but Frozen and it’s icy world

A little background information...

We were approached last year to create a music video for singer/songwriter Kevin Pearce but were so snowed under with our own short, The Robin, that we had to decline. However we kept in touch and he approached us again early in 2014 and we leapt at the chance!

How was the film was made?

Created using Flash and After Effects. It was tough job trying to create a world that was so big using near enough 2D techniques. So glad we persevered as the amount of depth we got in the final version worked like a charm.

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  • Star Gould

    The couple does seem to be in desperation. Though the woman somehow feels more like the man’s own reflection of himself.

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